Building brand awareness

The highest priority for your brand is building and maintaining brand awareness. The truth of the matter is if your audience doesn’t know your brand – they won’t buy your products or services because they don’t know who you are.

There is a range of things you can do to build brand awareness. We discuss five key strategies below.

  1. Smart referral

When you offer added incentives for consumers to buy your product, they’ll quickly spread your brand identity by word of mouth. A great example of this is using referral codes. For example, look at the investment app Raiz.

Once signed up to the app, if you get other people to sign up and use your referral code, they receive $2.50 to start with, and you receive an extra $2.50 in your portfolio.

This creates a chain reaction as everyone wants to reap the benefits of the referral code. This strategy gets customers to bring other potential customers to you very cost effectively.

  1. Freebies

Following on from the same concept as Smart Referral, you can also offer freebies.

No matter what time, day, month or year - consumers love getting things for free. You can use this approach to your advantage, and give away merchandised products like stubby holders, wrist bands, bag tags, playing cards and so on - all with your brand attached to them.

For a relatively small cost, your brand will pass the eyes of many potential customers. This can save you lots of money and a reprieve from paying large amounts to advertise in traditional media.

  1. Contests

Contests are a great way to draw in a lot of potential customers at once and get them familiar with your brand. The best place to conduct contests is on social media. Your competition could be anything from submitting photos to a writing competition. You could also do giveaways as well.

This is beneficial in two ways.

  1. First, you can get more emails for your email list, and
  2. More people will be aware of your brand, what it sells and what it stands for in its space.

Make sure the contest or giveaway you conduct relates to your brand image and identity in some way.


  1. Build a personality

Another way to get eyes onto your brand is to build a character for it. This is not the cheapest method, but it is successful if implemented well. You can also employ influencers and celebrities to be the face of your company.

A prime example of this is Terry Crews in the ’All Spice’ commercials. He was bulky, loud and funny all in the same package. Entertainment goes well with consumers and creates a bigger inclination to buy your product. In this case, men and women wanted to buy the ‘All Spice’ brand because men wanted to be associated with the body type of Terry Crews and women wanted their partners to have the same body type.

The key takeaway from this is to formulate your brand personality around your target market.

  1. Influencer marketing

Using people in high places will always work to the benefit of your brand. Employing people with high social media following to be an ambassador for your product will help spread awareness.

Most fans of influencers like certain aspects of their personality and wish to be like them in some way. This can be the makeup they use, the clothing they wear, the cars they drive and so on. If your product or service falls within their niche, you can work with them to include your product in their next social media post in exchange for money.

An example of this could be with the Kardashians and Jenner’s. Say you had a clothing brand and you want an influencer such as Kylie Jenner to wear your product, so it is shown on her Instagram account or through other media. This could spark significant awareness and sales for your brand. This is because a high tier influencer like Kylie Jenner has enough of a social following to cause a brand to go mainstream.

Don’t be alarmed though; you don’t have to resort to heavy hitters right away. A key technique to influencer advertising is to scout for future potential. Look for lower tier influencers that would be cheaper for you to work with. You can then build rapport with these people and as their following grows your brand image will grow with them.

There you have it! Five sure-fire ways to build brand awareness within your target market. If actioned correctly, these tactics can ensure steady growth for your brand. Remember to be strategic and take things slow, make sure you are getting the best possible deal you can and be sure to analyse every opportunity.