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The fileroom platform brings our team and services directly to your desktop or mobile when you need us. Together, we can quickly and easily accomplish striking documents and communications collateral. We can work on a wide range of documents and communications meant for any purpose.

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What is a fileroom workspace?

Your workspace is an online, interactive portal on a secure tech platform for writing and developing your content; or uploading your documents for the fileroom team to deliver document and video design, formatting, proofreading, editing and writing services based on your specific requirements.

Prepare your content

  • Upload and manage your brand assets in your brand room.
  • Work in your content room to write new content for your documents, videos and communications collateral or upload your content ready to go.

Review and approve your jobs

  • Invite members of your team to review and mark-up revisions.
  • Manage and approve revisions.
  • Sign off on completed jobs and receive your files.

Order & manage services

  • Use our quote calculator to price your job.
  • Complete your job brief and submit an order.
  • Track and manage your jobs.

Manage your account

  • Access billing history.
  • Manage payment details.
  • Manage your message and notification settings.
  • Manage security and sign-in features.
  • Access and redeem your frequent file points.
  • Update your account details.

Get support

  • Live chat with our team.

Regulation & compliance

Our team is experienced and familiar with the regulation and compliance requirements for Australian registered companies and other specific industries. You can be confident of our ability to ensure your documents and communications meet requirements set out by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) and other industry bodies. Find out more here

Site security

Fileroom operates on a highly secure cloud application platform. We apply security best practices and manage platform security proactively, so our clients can use our online services with confidence. Our platform is designed to protect your personal information and data from threats by applying security controls at every layer from physical to application. Get the details here

Trust & safety

Count on peace of mind when you sign-up, upload and develop content in the fileroom platform. We will automatically issue you with a non-disclosure agreement. Keeping your content safe is our priority. Read more...

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