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The features in your fileroom

Prepare your content, order fileroom services, chat with our team and collaborate with yours, all in a highly secure space straight from your desktop or mobile. No more lengthy meetings and your master design, document and video files are yours to store in your fileroom or download as you please.

Easy to use dashboard

Keep an eye on your live jobs, submit new orders, access your brand fileroom, work in your content room,
update your account settings and invite team members – all from one click on your dashboard.

Build & manage your brand assets

Upload your brand assets to your brand room and set your brand colours and fonts.
It’s a great place for you to manage your brand identity. You can also invite colleagues to your brand room
and generate a brand style guide to share with colleagues and use in your organisation.

With your permission, our team will access your brand room to use your brand assets in the jobs we deliver to you.
We will also add new items to your brand room when we create them, making it easy for you to access everything in one spot.


Upload all your logos to your brand room.


Set your primary & secondary brand colours.


Import your brand's fonts into fileroom to ensure consistency across your communications.


Upload any design graphics to use in your documents & collateral. If we create them as part of delivering your job, we will save a copy here for you.


Create your photo library and upload your images. We will also add any stock images you purchase.


Upload your design elements for us to use in your jobs.
As we build beautiful design elements for your documents and communications, we will also add them to your fileroom.


Icons are a great way to enhance your message. Upload your existing files, and we can add to them as we deliver your jobs.


Import images and design files for your company merchandise, whether it be uniforms, badges, drink bottles and pens etc.


Import images and design files for your existing company signage. Keep everything in the one place for easy access.


Upload your existing style guide and other documents for us to reference in completing your jobs.


As we create templates for you, we will save them in your fileroom for you to access as you need. If you have any existing ones, you can upload them.

Design Files

Upload all your master design files here if you would like us to make any edits to existing designs. We will also save your master files here after delivering your job.
You own all your intellectual property.

Content & storage

Our platform provides you with all the tools for a job well done. Read more below.


Upload all your brand assets to your brand room. We will also add any additional assets we develop when delivering your job.


Use your authoring room to create or coordinate your content before selecting a service. Fileroom works with Google Drive and Office 365 (coming soon) where you can create and edit your content, or simply upload your files when they are ready to go. You can also collaborate on your documents with invited team members using Google Drive and Office 365 features.


Our fixed folders manage your job revisions, approvals and deliveries with you.

Drag & Drop

Upload your files quickly and easily. Drag-and-drop one or many files at a time directly into fileroom from your browser.

Create your

Just like on your computer, use folders to organise your content in a way that works best for you.

Coming Soon

Easily move or copy multiple items to a different location in your content authoring workspace.
Copy files to your folders from your delivery box in fixed folders.


We securely index your files, allowing you to search through your fileroom, making it easy to locate what you need.

Version Control

When changes occur in your files, fileroom generates a new version in the back-end. Manage your documents and files with clear version numbering and easily access and restore previous versions.

Coming Soon

If a project is ending or you want to archive old files, you can download entire folders with a single click and remove them from your fileroom, or send them to the archive room inside your account for safe keeping.

Submit your job orders & monitor their progress


Use our pricing calculator to get a quote, complete your job brief and create a new order.
If you have a special project, submit a quote request form. We will review your brief and email you a quote to accept before commencing your job.


Use our job tracker to monitor your jobs and confirm they are on schedule.
You can view individual job statuses on your active order list, or from the doughnut graph on your dashboard.

Live Chat

Live chat with our team members at any time during business hours. We can answer questions about your job and talk to you about any special projects you have coming up.

Share communicate & collaborate, with our team and yours


Invite team members to a room, folder or individual file. You can make sure they only have access to the documents, files & videos you want them to see.


It’s quick and easy to invite your team.
Allow or revoke access, modify roles, and control access to your fileroom from a single location.


Secure links can be enabled to provide direct access to any folder or file without requiring a fileroom account.


Post comments on any folder or file in your content authoring room or personal folders to share thoughts and feedback with collaborators.


Monitor who has accessed your content and when. Export all activity events to analyse and maintain compliance records.

Live Chat &

Easily communicate with everyone in fileroom. Communicate with your collaborators by posting messages and use live chat to talk with the fileroom team.


Receive notifications when someone posts a comment, writes a message or assigns or completes a review or approval task.

File View

Easily switch between list views. Go traditional or opt for a visual thumbnail view of your folders and files. Set your default view based on your preference.

Supported Files

Whether you’re writing a brochure, drawing a process map or creating a design file, fileroom supports many file types. Our platform allows preview of all supported files from your browser or mobile device. View the entire list of file types we support in our knowledge centre.

Review & approve your jobs


Preview high-quality files directly in your browser without the need to download or open another application. Previews are available on mobile devices via the fileroom app and mobile-optimised web views.

Coming Soon

You and your team can comment, and markup changes directly on the preview files, saving you time and making it easy for the fileroom team to turn it around for you. Email yourself your comments so you can use them as a checklist before approving your job.


Invite your team members to review, annotate or approve files. You can also review their comments and accept them for the fileroom team to amend in your revision rounds.


On completion of the review process, approve your file for delivery. Payment will be processed, and your file delivered to your fileroom delivery box in the format requested. Master files will be uploaded to your brand fileroom.

Coming Soon

Post your comments on any folder or file to share thoughts and feedback with your team before completing the revision round.


Monitor your activity feed for responses to your posted messages and engage with your team via instant messaging.


Get notified when our team uploads your file for review, posts a message or delivers your job to your delivery box.

Coming Soon

Easily communicate with everyone in your fileroom by posting messages. Create and post messages in your fileroom or send emails to your team members.

Live Chat

Live chat with our team at any time during business hours, straight from your desktop or mobile.

User security

Coming Soon

Set user roles when you invite team members to your fileroom and change them at any time.

Audit Trails

Keep track of who has reviewed, downloaded, edited or printed your files.

Session Timeouts

Set custom session timeouts so your fileroom users can be automatically signed out after a designated period of inactivity.


Select an extra layer of security to your fileroom accounts by requiring a unique code from a verified device is input at sign-in.


Monitor what sessions and devices are connected to your account at any time and revoke access to those connections when needed.

File Deletion
Coming Soon

Turn on greater data protection by setting automatic file deletion timeframes.

Customise your fileroom


Add a welcome message to your dashboard, add an action list for your team, select favourites for quick action and view your job tracker.

Your Logo

Upload your company logo to make your fileroom feel like part of your business.


Find what you need faster by pinning your favourite fileroom services to your dashboard.

Manage your account


Enter your contact and company information, meet your fileroom customer service manager and keep an eye on your frequent file points.
Change your password, adjust security settings, enable secure links and set all your email and notification preferences.


Invite your team members to your fileroom, folder, subfolder, or file you want them to see.
Set user roles, allow/revoke access, modify roles, and control access to your account.

Coming Soon

Manage your credit card details.

Be rewarded with frequent file points

Your Account

Inside your account profile, you can monitor points earned from purchases and redeem frequent file points against future services.

How It Works

Earn 25 points for every $500 spent with fileroom. 1 point is equivalent to AUD$1. Read more in our knowledge base.

Your Points

Check your points activity, earn bonus points for referrals and for reaching milestone levels.

Sign-up today and receive 25 frequent file points to use for your first job.

That's $25


“Don‘t manage time, manage activities within time”

Bernard Kelvin Clive