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How to Customise HubSpot to Fit a Specific Company Need: Read Our ChemCo Case Study

ChemCo* is a premier supplier of high-grade chemicals designed for mineral processing in the mining and resources industry. Recognising the need to refine their CRM, lead generation, sales architecture and after-service support, they opted for HubSpot. The challenges revolved around tailoring HubSpot for ChemCo’s project bidding system, detailed mine site tracking, and ensuring its integration with their ERP.

*ChemCo is a fictitious company to protect privacy and for the purpose of this case study example.

Challenges of CRM Customisation and Implementation

  • Complex Sales Cycle: the intricacies of selling chemicals to the mining sector entail engaging multiple stakeholders over a long sales cycle.
  • Industry-Specific Needs: varied requirements surface across different mining applications, assets and climates.
  • Segmented Marketing: an aspiration to unveil brand awareness marketing campaigns tailored to specific mining applications.
  • Multifaceted Project Bidding System: ChemCo’s bidding activities encompass multiple projects, with each demanding varied quotes dispatched to diverse contractors.
  • Detailed Mine Site Tracking: a necessity to meticulously document specific data about each mine, its operational assets, its parent company, chemical usage and associated contractors.
  • ERP Integration: the need for seamless data flow between HubSpot and ChemoCo’s ERP system to gain full visibility across the sales funnel and marketing attribution to closed sales.

HubSpot Customisation Solution

  1. Custom CRM Pipeline: an in-depth reflection of ChemCo’s sales process was meticulously crafted within HubSpot’s CRM.
  2. Custom Properties: attributes like the type of mining operations and preferred chemicals were seamlessly integrated into the relevant objects.
  3. Email Marketing Segmentation: HubSpot’s adept segmentation mechanisms powered customised campaigns targeting individual mining categories.
  4. Advanced Bidding Management via Custom Object: to manage ChemCo’s complex bidding environment, HubSpot was enhanced to monitor prospective projects and integrated with BCI to enable automatic access for the sales team to access and nurture mine site project opportunities. Each project accommodated multiple deal entries, capturing the spectrum of deals (quotes) sent to varying contractors.
  5. Mine Site Custom Object: a second custom object was created to capture specific information about each mine site. This included data such as mine depth, estimated mineral reserves, operational status, and safety records. Additionally, the system was devised to link each mine to its parent company, contractors engaged, and BCI project, offering a 360-degree view of operations and stakeholders.
  6. Mine Site Assets Object: a third custom object was created to capture specific information about each asset. This included data such as asset type, maintenance status, and safety records.
  7. ERP Integration: ensured real-time synchronisation between ChemCo’s ERP and HubSpot, driving coherence in inventory, order management, and sales projections.
  8. Automated Workflows: ChemCo benefited from consistent engagement pathways, driven by automated customer interactions.
  9. Granular Reporting: custom dashboards provided actionable insights, guiding ChemCo’s strategic insights and priorities.

Data Model Chemco

Results: Refining Processes with HubSpot

  1. Enhanced Sales Cycle Analytics: the sales pipeline was configured to show the full length of the sales cycle, enabling ChemCo to identify areas to reduce timeframes.
  2. Bidding Mastery: the advanced bid management framework and process improved ChemCo’s bid success rate, through the implementation of lead scoring metrics with predictive analytics to determine which prospects have a higher likelihood to close.
  3. Engagement Amplification: tailored campaigns boosted customer engagement and interactions, and increased awareness among new contacts feeding in from BCI projects, further increasing opportunities for ChemCo.
  4. Unified Data Ecosystem: the ERP-HubSpot integration achieved a harmonised data environment, strengthening operational agility and enabling ChemCo to leverage HubSpot for after-sales and service activities with their customers.
  5. Holistic Mine Site Insights: the mine site custom object empowered ChemCo with a panoramic view, fostering informed decisions and strengthened partnerships.
  6. Lead Conversion Elevation: targeted workflows improved lead conversions significantly as HubSpot was set up to help the sales team keep on top of closing opportunities.

ChemCo’s journey with HubSpot demonstrates the benefits of platform customisation. Addressing multi-layered challenges, from project bids to mine site data intricacies, the case demonstrates the impact of tailored CRM solutions in industrial sectors.


HubSpot and the Mining Industry

Mining companies, situated in remote regions for extended periods, handle substantial equipment investments. Navigating the challenges of remote locations requires adaptability and a willingness to embrace technology for success. The growing need for advanced technology is evident, particularly in CRM systems that streamline operations spanning vast distances and diverse time zones. The effective use of technology not only enhances productivity but also influences how a mining corporation addresses risks, manages personnel, and communicates with its head office, ultimately determining its success or failure.

The degree of automation and efficiency in your business plays a pivotal role in meeting customer demands, overcoming site challenges, and adapting to market changes. Operations involve numerous components such as materials, contractors, suppliers, field workers, engineers, and equipment. With HubSpot, you can centralise your marketing, sales, operations and customer service, offering a comprehensive solution to monitor, track, analyse, and report on every aspect of your business.

If you want to learn more about how to leverage your data to drive growth, download our Playbook for useful tools and recommendations to get the most out of your HubSpot to maximise sales outcomes and keep your team working on customer solutions rather than collating data across platforms.

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