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Strategic Growth Marketing for Fairview

Fairview is Australia's leading architectural cladding solutions specialists. The company designs, manufactures and distributes aluminium
and sustainable architectural façade systems for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

With over 30 years of experience in the façade industry, Fairview is dedicated to designing innovative architectural cladding systems with the flexibility to meet the requirements and vision of different building projects. The Fairview team work closely with architects and builders to achieve the best possible results for projects.

Fairview's mission is to continuously innovate with new products, expand the range of existing façade solutions and include sustainable materials and services to inspire and help architects, builders, and installers achieve design visions. 

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Growth Marketing Objectives

Support the Marketing and Sales Teams to drive specifications for architectural cladding systems and accessories.
Build awareness and engagement for different cladding solutions among architects, builders, and installers.
Grow qualified audiences and build long term demand generation for Fairview's products and services.

Support and educate architects, engineers and builders with continuing professional development.

Our Starting Point

Fileroom's primary focus is to start with a growth marketing strategy that is aligned with overall business goals and growth objectives. This strategy serves as a foundation for our collaborative ongoing work with our clients, and for Fairview this included diving deep into the customer journey, sales cycle, specification and procurement decision-making process. 

From the initial conception of a building design idea, evaluating façade product alternatives and ultimately executing and installing the chosen solution, the decision-making process for Fairview's products is heavily influenced by architects, builders, engineers, compliance teams, and installers. These stakeholders have the ability to change their decision and supplier at any point during the process, which means a deal could potentially be lost at the very last minute. It is evident that Fairview's products encounter multiple moments of truth, where the interests of different personas come into play.

The challenge at hand was how to create distinct campaigns for similar products that attract diverse profiles and encourage them to choose Fairview. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that this decision remains unchanged even when faced with several checkpoints throughout the design, planning, and execution stages of a building project.

Our Approach

We worked with the team to redesign their target audiences into customer archetypes – profiles of people who appeal to human, professional and business motivations. Follow their interests and solve their pain points and worries. We believe that beyond a role in a company, whoever is making the decision is a person who has clear reasons for making it. That's our challenge, to discover that trigger.

From a segmentation by buyer persona, we built a matrix of channels, media and messages that would give each one of them a key point of attraction. We measured thoroughly what we need and offer at each step of the conversion funnel and, finally, we built the digital platforms that will facilitate the conversion. At the same time, we also created a source of permanent target audience knowledge based on credible first-party data, which confirms the behaviour of their audience.

We then consolidated a unique brand platform and developed a brand architecture, defining each product’s storytelling under the same umbrella. As a result, we created a communication system where the product campaigns are never independent and isolated. We generated an iterative process based on learning and optimisation, where each campaign feeds the knowledge base and allows us to grow the brand through continuous experimentation and strategic insight, reacting faster and achieving higher results.

The Action Plan

For Attraction:

  • Custom-designed, cross-channel campaign strategy focused on top-of-the-funnel demand generation.

For Discovery and Engagement:

  • Content strategy and execution across social, editorial and search channels.

For Conversion:

  • Design the digital ecosystem for the best possible customer experience and integrate touchpoints to provide seamless customer service.

For Scale:

  • Implement marketing automation and sales enablement to execute an always-on environment and align activities and feedback loops between sales, marketing and service teams. 
In Summary

Collaborating with our clients to build and execute their growth marketing strategies is a result of a careful process of collecting the right data, a deep understanding of the business and its goals, and extensive market research to understand audience needs. The goal is always to deliver real, genuine value to customers, which in turn builds and supports long-term customer relationships. 

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